Service project, Dome, and BOOM DONE!!!!

Today we went to the bayou…not the bayou, by you…but the bayou by us (read with southern accent). We took two buses down to the lower ninth ward, the hardest hit area by hurricane Katrina seven years ago in 2005. We cleaned up debris, over grown shrubs, and garbage in vacant lots. Along with the Trinity Friends in Faith crew a few neighborhood kids  came to lend a hand with our valiant efforts to better the lives of the residence of the Lower Ninth ward. These kids quickly grew on all of Trinity Friends in Faith with their southern hospitality, kindness and willingness to lend a hand. The vacant lots are vacant because legal issues of who actually now owns the lots after most of the previous residents were killed by the rushing flood water of the Mississippi river behind the levee. One of the residents we talked to had not had neighbors till 3 weeks ago. After all the debris, shrubs, garbage, and don’t forget the overgrown Bayou was cleared from the lots you could see the broken foundation of the house. You could distinctly tell where the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bed rooms where. Then you start thinking about the family who lived there at the time, were they killed in the flooding water after the levee broke right outside their front door or had they survived and never wanted to come back to what used to be. We ask that you keep not only the citizens of New Orleans, but the 36,000 citizens with the saints that have lent a willing hand to practice Justice in your thoughts and prayers!

Be the change you want to see in the world!- Mahatma Gandhi

Emily, Jason, Will, Brianne, Jens, Kianna, Lizzy, Jadon, Kali, Ashley, and Colin

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