NOLA Reunion!!

We left 26 days ago on a journey that would bring us many new adventures that we couldn’t even imagine yet! Some of us were returning to New Orleans for our second Youth Gathering, and couldn’t wait to explore the sights and relive the feeling of being at the gathering with so many of our friends. Others of us were experiencing this trip for the first time and just trying to soak in as much as we could.

Each day of this trip brought new and exciting adventures, whether it was meeting someone new on the bus, exploring a new site in a new town, worshiping with thousands, or experiencing a different culture while in New Orleans. At times it is hard to wrap your head around everything that did happen on this trip, because each day was filled with so many wonderful opportunities and brings back so many memories.

One thing we know for sure is that this trip had a lasting effect on Friends in Faith. New friendships were created, old friendships were strengthened, and memories were made to last a lifetime.  One of our youth put it best… “This is not the end, it is the beginning. Nothing can break what we have created.”

Join us THIS Wednesday night, August 8th at 7pm in Gooseberry Park for an outdoor worship service. Stick around after the service for a NOLA Reunion starting at 8pm!! We hope that all of you will be there. Please wear a trip shirt and bring a dessert to share with everyone.

See you there!

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