Operation Christmas Child

This Sunday, November 11th, at 10:05am in the Youth Room, Friends in Faith will be assembling boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Please join us for this amazing experience! We invite you to bring what you can, and if you are unable to bring anything, we would love for you to bring yourself and help pack some boxes.

What can you do to help?
– Bring a shoebox to the youth room
– Monetary donation (it costs $7 to ship one box)
– Bring something to put in the boxes
– Small/ soft stuffed animals                        – Hard candy that won’t melt
– Small toys (balls, jump ropes, marbles, puzzles, cars, clay)
– Stocking caps, socks, shirts
– Toothbrushes/ toothpaste
– Soap and wash cloths
– Paper/ notebooks, pencils and sharpeners, pens, crayons, markers, etc.
– Flashlights and batteries

If you want to put your own shoebox together and ship it with ours, please bring your box to the youth room by 10:45am this Sunday.

We hope you can join us!

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