DAY 3: Beachin’ it!

Left Chicago this a.m. for the Indiana Sand Dunes State Park and a spirited worship service of Holy Communion on Lake Michigan. Tried to locate a “pink slip” for the visitor who joined us – whoo hoo!

After worship we hit the water – chilly but refreshing. Then, hit the sunscreen. Then, hit the lunch. Needed more pink slips for the visitors who thought we were selling concessions. Told them we were Lutherans – it’s free!  Nice couple from Dyer, Indiana.

After lunch, smart people added more sunscreen as we spent the afternoon playing in the sand and running up and down the steep dunes.

Left the burning sand and headed for Sandusky, Ohio. Checking in to the hotel took forever because of the mile long hallway. Celebrated our “attitude of gratitude” at devotions and now headed for bed.

By the way, during our worship at the beach, someone thought they could hear the Trinity children greeting us during their sermon time in Moorhead – what was that about? 😎

Beach out!  Ian Bahe, Teagan Carlsrud, Madi Mercil, Pastor Simon 🇬🇧 and Dumbo