Roasting & Coasting

Everyone woke this morning with sunburn,

and then the day took a real quick turn.

As we began the journey to Cedar Point,

we were the largest group in the whole joint.

Cedar Point was expensive

and our sunburns were extensive.

At the amusement park we explored,

not a single one was bored.

Miranda rode every coaster but one,

Sophie spent a lot of time in the sun.

Jon spent the day just hangin’ out

while Nathan spent the day walking about.

Ellie was just hangin’ around

while watching bags safely on the ground.

Miranda got a rash,

and we spent a LOT of cash.

As the kids expected rain

the gutters were left dry

with nothing to drain.

As they returned to the Comfort Inn

faces were covered with a grin.

Everyone tonight was relaxing by the pool

while staying cool.

We will arrive in Detroit happy as can be

and excited for everything we get to do, experience and see!

Momma Ell and her cubs (Nathan, Jon, Sophie & Miranda)