The Road to Detroit

Bright and early this morning we closed the hotel door in Sandusky, loaded the bus, and headed on our way to our next adventure. Our first stop on this crazy journey was the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. We were in awe at the vast collection that awaited us. Highlights include the dymaxion home as well as the Rosa Park bus and all of the classic cars.

After enjoying lunch at a park, we stopped at a nearby Walmart to purchase a plethora of diapers for the Detroit community. We were pleasantly surprised when a local women offered us money to go towards the diapers. While at Walmart, Pastor Simon felt he was in need of a haircut that was long overdue.IMG_0467

Cheers erupted from Bus 2 as the Detroit skyline came into view. We dropped off the diapers and proceeded downtown to the Hard Rock Café for our very first Detroit experience. Along the way, as well as inside the restaurant, we came across some fellow friends in Christ.


Back at the hotel, we gathered for large group worship and sang songs until we welcomed Oneita Jackson, a local cab driver and satirist. We listened, laughed, and loved the thought provoking stories she shared about her experiences and people’s assumptions. After an exciting and eventful day, we are all tired and ready for bed.

Goodnight from Kirsten’s small group: Sadie, Kara, Zach, and Trevor.