DAY 6:  30,000 people, one location Wednesday 

It was a mad rush to room 407 to gather milk, cold cinnamon rolls, and a juice for our breakfast. It was going to be hard to leave the luxurious hotel rooms but we managed to depart at 9:30 for the Detroit History Museum where we would spend a few hours learning about how Detroit became the known city it is today. Did you know that Detroit was the last stop on the Underground Railroad before reaching Canada and freedom? Or that the French named the city after the French word “narrow”. 

We had lunch at a park called “Belle Isle” only few miles away from the museum where we ate yummy sandwiches, until we ran out of bread. The next few hours we spent time either tanning, playing games, socializing or exploring our surroundings. 

It was roughly 4 o’clock when we finally made it to the Cobo Center, in down town Detroit. We shopped around, met new friends and explored the building. It was a few blocks to walk to ford field where this awesome event would kick off! It was a struggle to wait to get in the stadium but to pass the time we started singing song, and more and more groups started joining in. We settled into our seats after what felt like hours. We sang our hearts out, danced to the songs, and listened to the speakers. Each one of us took something away from day one. Below are some great quotes from night one! 

“God was in Detroit, before any of us were.” 

“Some places that need help the most, are where God already is.”

“Rise up, but rise up together.”

It was an incredible first day in Detroit, and there’s only better experiences ahead of us, waiting to be born. Trinity is ready to rise up, as one. Watch out Detroit. We are here. 


Ira and Lori’s small group:  Ian, Mckenzie, Lana, Taylor, Evan, Addy, Signe, Zailey, Grace