Today was the last day we got to spend at the Cobo Center. Many people from our group participated in the Walk for Water, which raises money for an organization that is in pursuit to provide clean water. Also at Cobo, we watched some other people sing to Rachel Kurtz Karaoke, which was both painful and entertaining to watch. A few people in our group dressed up as the disciples and Jesus and posed as the famous “Last Supper”. Another fun thing that happened at the Cobo today was the lip syncing battle in the afternoon. We stood by and watched while other people from the gathering duked it out to their favorite songs. And last, but definitely not least, Jon Theige was giving out “never ending hugs” which was cute at first but they eventually turned into wrestling matches when they realized he wasn’t going to let go.

We had to leave the Cobo center early because we had rehearsal for the mass cast portion of the gathering. Our group, along with one thousand other people showed up for rehearsal and ran the number over and over for three hours. While we were working our butts off just standing and looking pretty, the REAL star of the show was a ten year old boy named Rudy. However, one of our own had a word with their agent to maximize our time in the spotlight… Midge (AKA Kirsten Johnson) was ready to show off her moves to Love Can Build A Bridge during tonight’s performance!

Between rehearsal and the gathering, some members of our group went to Greektown. We ate some stellar Greek food, played soccer with some other youth from around the country, and souvenir shopped (of course.) Meanwhile, Erika Yoney visited a local grocer and overheard our impact on his life here in Detroit. “You had only been there for 10 minutes and my neighborhood already looked cleaner!”

Our Gathering Experience consisted of some awesome Steppers, seeing old TIM pastors, and listening to the greatest Motown music we had ever heard BECAUSE…. LEGENDS WERE IN THE HOUSE! Two original members of The Temptations, one from The Capitols, and one from The Miracles rocked it out with classic Motown hits as we danced the night away!

day 8

Goodnight and sleep tight!

Love Sarah, Anna, Ariel, Ben C., Ben O., Emily M., Blake, Mike, Riley L., & Maren!