Acolyte and Host Sign-up/ Schedule and Parent Pizza and Hallway Host Sign-up

Thank you for signing up to host or acolyte!

Please go to this link: to see the full acolyte and host schedule for 2017-2018.

Acolyte: 7th Graders sign-up 4 times to acolyte. Please go to the sacristy 15min before the service you signed up for to put on your robe, check in, and get ready for the service. You will light the candles, sit up front with the pastors, and help with communion.

Host Families: 8th Graders and Parents sign-up to host 4 times. Please arrive in the CLC 15min before the service you signed up to help with. Sign in at the back table in the black binder. In the binder you will see where you are helping with communion, and a map of how to collect the offering. You will also help hand out bulletins before the service starts.

Parent Pizza Serving and Hallway Host Sign-up:

We ask that each family sign up to serve pizza once throughout the school year. Pizza serving happens in the Christian Life Center from 5:15-6:20pm. When you serve pizza, we also ask that you bring 2 dozen bars or cookies to share with the youth.

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