Acolyting Instructions

Acolyte: 7th Graders sign-up 4 times to acolyte. Please go to the sacristy 15min before the service you signed up for to put on your robe, check in, and get ready for the service. You will light the candles, sit up front with the pastors, and help with communion.

Thank you for serving as an acolyte!  Acolytes are an important part of our worship experience and the congregation appreciates what you do.

Before the Service
1.      Arrive at the sacristy at least 15 minutes before the service.
2.      Check your name off on the white board.
3.     Select a robe with a hood. Robes are on hangers in the robe closet.
4.     To tie the belt, fold the tie in half, forming a loop in the middle. Then slip the two ends through the middle and tie a knot.  The knot is placed to your left.
5.      Select a torch making sure that the wick moves up and down freely.
6.      Light the torch and hold it so the flame is on top.

Beginning the Service
1.    Go out when the organ prelude begins. Both acolytes enter at the same time.
2.   Enter through the side door, not the front doors.  Watch to make sure the draft doesn’t blow out the flame.
   Go to the altar.  Stand side by side for 10 seconds. Your back is to the congregation. This is a symbol of your respect and reverence for God.
   Start with the two large candles (Communion Sunday only).  Then start with the small candles from the outside and work to the center.
    If a candle does not light, go on to the next.  Tell the pastor after the service.
     Pull in the wick.  Immediately move the wick out again before it hardens and sticks in place.
    Step back to the middle.  Stand for 3 seconds, and move to the side chairs. Take the first seat toward the congregation. Place your torch in the stand with the bell toward the wall.

Collecting the Offering
1.    When the congregation stands for the offertory, move to the middle and face the congregation.
2.     Accept the baskets from the ushers.
3.     Place baskets on the altar behind the candles.

Communion Sunday
Follow the pastor serving the wine and collect the empty cups.

At the end of the service
1.      The pastors will leave and the organ music begins.
2.      With your partner, face the altar and wait 10 seconds.
3.      Put out the small candles first moving from the inside to the outside.  The tall candles are put out last (Communion Sunday only).
4.      Leave reverently through the door you entered.
5.      In the sacristy:
a.       Put your torch on the shelf.
b.      Hang your robe and place the tie on a hook

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