CLC Hosting Instructions

Host Families: 8th Graders and Parents sign-up to host 4 times. Please arrive in the CLC 15min before the service you signed up to help with. Sign in at the back table in the black binder. In the binder you will see where you are helping with communion, and a map of how to collect the offering. You will also help hand out bulletins before the service starts.

Host Family Information 10:30 CLC WORSHIP

  • Please arrive 30 min before the service begins and check-off your name on the sign-in sheet found on the cart at the west CLC door. All hosts are encouraged to wear a nametag also found on the cart. (There will be a CLC Coordinator at each service to answer your questions and help)
  1. Smile, say “Good Morning”, and offer a bulletin to those arriving for worship at each of the three CLC entrances. Please place extra bulletins on the small table for latecomers outside the south CLC door.
  2. The CLC doors may be left open during worship. Please close the doors if there is excess noise outside the CLC.
  3. Offering – After the sermon, the hosts will pick up the offering plates from the table in the back and collect the offering according to the “offering map” found on the next page. At least four persons should pick up the offering. Each person should have two plates. When you are finished collecting the offering, combine the offering into two plates, put the empty plates on the back table, then each host family should take a full plate back to their table to await the offertory. When the offertory music starts (usually right after the sharing of the peace), the eighth graders will take the offering up to the alter via the center aisle, give the plates to the pastor, then return to your seats.
  4. Holy Communion is served each Sunday at the CLC service. The names of the communion assistants for each Sunday are listed on the sign-in sheet on the songbook cart. As hosts, your help is needed to usher people to one of (three – 8:30) (four – 10:30) communion stations. (See the communion map on next page) You may also be asked to hold a basket for empty cups. PLEASE SEE THE SIGN-IN SHEET. (The CLC Coordinators will help with this)

REMEMBER to take time to enjoy and participate in the worship service at which you are hosting. Have fun! Each family or group of individuals adds their own special touch as hosts for worship service. If you find that additional information or preparation would have been helpful prior to your host experience, we encourage you to let us know!

Thank you for your service!



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