Houseboat Registration

Rainy Lake, International Falls, MN

Houseboat 2020

July 26-31

2020 Houseboat Trip Information
Dates:  Sun., July 26—Fri. July 31

Cost: $395
Deposit: $100
FiF Trinity Support = $50


We do two fundraisers.
Serve 2 Lenten Dinners & Easter = You earn. $50
Sell 24 shares of Stock = You earn $240
We do both fundraisers together.

Stockholders: Youth sell shares of stock for $20 each. Stockholders agree to financial and prayerful support of youth for this growth opportunity for faith and life. Youth receive $10 per paid stock toward their trip. The other $10 goes toward counselor costs and costs not included in the trip expenses.

A Typical houseboat week . . .

Each day we begin with breakfast on our own boat. Morning worship is led by a different small group each day. Our Bible Study and discussion follows until lunchtime. After lunch we enjoy a quiet time to read, rest, and enjoy nature. The rest of the afternoon is spent enjoying hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, playing, doing crafts, engaging in conversations and just being together!!

After supper, we prepare for the evening campfire worship which is led by a small group. It’s a favorite time of day.

Houseboat 2020 brochure


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