Bapatla, India

Namasté! As a tri-annual trip Trinity’s youth go to India, seeking to further our relationship with Lutheran Churches from the Andra Evangelical Lutheran Church in India, and particularly the REACH Orphanage in Bapatla, India. Our goal as Friends in Faith is to help youth to look outside their own homes, community and congregation to serve ALL God’s people regardless of proximity, wealth or belief. We believe that sister synod trips to India help us to further our belief in helping youth to seek God in the other. This trip is open to applicants that are between 10-12th grades.

About the Orphanage:
REACH Orphanage is located in Bapatla, India. Through REACH, 350 destitute children receive the bare minimum requirements of life: food, shelter, and clothing.
Over the years, REACH has grown to include a primary school, sewing & typing learning centers to teach the orphans and over 100 children from surrounding slum areas.
The REACH Orphanage has many needs. Children are in need of basic school supplies, underwear, lightweight blankets, used clothing, combs, lice killing shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Additional needs include backpacks and water bottles.
Every morning & every evening grateful songs of praise can be heard by all who pass the orphanage.

The youth experienced a great trip this year and created meaningful relationships! FiF will return to India in 2017 so check back for more information.

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