We’re not in Kansas anymore…

We safely arrived in lee summit Missouri after a grueling 10 hour drive. Bus games presented great opportunities to meet new people. We met THE lewis and clark and had a nice conversation with them in Sioux city. Also, it was great seeing all the support at the send off service Wednesday night! It’s past all our bedtimes, so this is Erik, Brett, Kelsey, Olivia, and Ryan signing off. You stay classy trinity.

New Orleans!!!!

We are so excited to experience the 2012 Youth Gathering with all of these amazing youth and adults! This group of 96 people will leave on Thursday, July 12th to share their faith with those around them and experience what it means to be “Citizens with the Saints”.

Please join us on Wednesday, July 11th at 7pm at Gooseberry Park for a send-off worship service for all the adults and youth going on the New Orleans Gathering Trip. We will sing songs and hear from some of the seniors going on the trip.

To stay connected with us while we are on the trip, check back on this website for new stories and pictures everyday! Each small group will take a turn sharing what their stories are from the trip. You can even follow us (@TrinityFiF) and some of the adult leaders on Twitter!

On Wednesday, July 18th everyone is invited to come to the Christian Life
Center at 6:30pm to watch a live stream from the gathering! The Friends in
Faith youth and adults will be on stage Wednesday night, and you can watch
them on the big screen. Our friend, LeAnn Wright, volunteered to host
everyone in the CLC starting at 6:30pm. It would be great if everyone could
bring a snack to share with the group. Here is the link to the live stream if you
would like to watch at home: www.elca.org/gathering. Friends in Faith will
also be on stage and helping with the gathering on Friday night, July 20th, so
check out the gathering link that night to see them live!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and made this trip possible!
Friends in Faith