About FiF

About FiF Street   

FiF stands for Friends in Faith and is the basis of all of our programming for youth in grades 7-12. We look to connect people through relationships and friendship by including faith into everyday life. Every program or event that we do is connected to our Lutheran faith. Our philosophy of youth ministry is not the cliché “pie in the face” programming, but rather a philosophy that includes depth and perspective on how we live as Christians, specifically Lutherans, in this world.

We use street signs and symbols as a way of reflecting our desire to be alert and focused on what God is calling us to do in our daily lives. When youth visit FiF Street they are reminded to be alert of the road ahead as they travel through life. We all journey together and our paths take detours and turns, but it is good to be reminded that we have friends who journey along side that road of faith and life.

         Meet the leaders:

  • Ashley Haugen–  Education Coordinator, ashley@trinitymhd.org
  • Annie Simon– Director of Youth Ministry, youth@trinitymhd.org

We look forward to meeting all of your youth and walking alongside them on their faith journey!

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