New Orleans July 16 – 20

Every three years, thousands of high school youth and their adult leaders from across the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America gather for a week of faith formation and fellowship known as the ELCA Youth Gathering. Through inspiring speakers, conversations with partners, Bible study and being immersed in the host city, young people will be inspired, challenged and called to live out their faith in their daily lives. Additionally, young people will have opportunities to explore their vocation and discern where they are being called into this world.

Young Adult Gathering

Due to the cancellation of the 2022 ELCA Youth Gathering, MYLE and tAble, many young people were not able to participate in these life-changing faith formation events. In partnership with ELCA Young Adult Ministries, we are thrilled to open the first-ever ELCA Young Adult Gathering to individuals who will be 18 to 35 at the time of the Gathering. We recognize that 18-35 is a wide age range and anticipate that most of our programming will be geared toward those 18 to 25 years old.

The Young Adult Gathering will take place in New Orleans during the 2024 ELCA Youth Gathering. Programming and content are still being discerned. Young adult participants are invited to join the ELCA Youth Gathering’s Mass Gathering and closing worship. Follow Gathering communications to learn more and follow ELCA Young Adult Ministries for the latest updates.

The ELCA Young Adult Gathering registration is $260 per person, which will increase to $310 per person on Nov. 2, 2023 and then again to $360 on Feb. 15, 2024. A nonrefundable, per-person deposit of $150 is due at registration and must be paid within the registration rate you expect to pay.

More information regarding event programming and logistics will be shared in spring 2023.

Young Adult Gathering

Who Should Attend?

All 8th – 12th Graders

Why should I attend?

Listen to what youth are saying about the Youth Gathering!

My Friends in Faith Gathering trip was a life changing one. I grew so much more in my faith & I met some amazing new people.

This fabulous trip opened my heart to new things. It helped me grow spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally!

I have grown not only as a Christian, but as a human being. I am so blessed to be part of this experience.

It changed the way I viewed church and God. It was a way to connect to God without really realizing you were.

It’s a special opportunity when you get the chance to worship & grow in faith with almost 35,000 other youth who all have similar beliefs as yours.



Pastor Jess

Matt Peterson

Tentative Itinerary

  • Depart Trinity July 14
  • July 16-20 Youth Gathering in New Orleans
  • July 23 Return to Trinity

How Do I Register?

Fill out a registration form and bring it to us with a $150 non-refundable deposit by October 15, 2023.

Final payment will be due April 1, 2024

Then, each family will have regular payments to spread out the expenses. Most youth earn approx. 40-50% or more of the cost of the trip if they work hard at the fundraising.

We will keep accurate track of funds for each person who registers. When a youth registers, they’ll receive a payment book with the date/amount for each payment. Making payments will make the balance in May manageable.

Every youth who wants to go on this trip should be able to. Lack of money should not be a reason not to go. If a youth needs extra help after the fundraisers, we have some funds dedicated to this purpose.

Fundraising & Payments

  • Registration = $375
  • Transportation = $300-$500 (depends on inflation rates)
  • Lodging for 7 nights = $500
  • Meals (16) = $400 (some meals on your own)
  • Activities = $150
  • Total = $1,725
  • Ministry Support = TBD
  • Your Cost <= $900

Youth will be selling shares of Stock in the spring of 2024. This is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to the congregation as well as raise money. We train every youth to make the calls and encourage them every step of the way. Shares of Stock sell for $20. $10 of every Stock sold & paid for goes directly to the trip of the youth who sold the stock. The other $10 goes to offset the cost of the adult leaders who will be working hard to lead, walk alongside youth, prepare, and make the trip go smoothly. We pay for the adults basic expenses as it’s a working trip for them. Every youth is expected to work at two Lenten Dinners and one shift of Easter Breakfast.

Example Payment Schedule

  • Date Payment Balance
  • Oct. 15- $150 $750
  • Nov. 15- $75 $675
  • Dec. 15- $75 $600
  • Jan. 15- $75 $525
  • Feb. 15- $75 $450
  • Mar. 15- $75 $375
  • Apr. 15- $175 $300
  • Sell 25 Stock($250) $125
  • Serving Meals ($25) $100

Youth can sell more than 25 Stock ($250) and volunteer for more meals ($10 per meal).

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