This isn’t voodoo, this is real.

HELLO from Anna and Kathy’s small groups!!!!

Let us bring you up to speed:
—Today, after eating a delicious, yet nutritious breakfast, our entire Trinity youth group went down to have a synod-wide worship. Let it be known that Trinity Lutheran Church’s worship participants made up 1/8 of our entire synod. A few of our youth even helped lead the worship session. During worship we learned about the 7 ways to show discipleship: give, encourage, worship, serve, study, prayer and invite. This worship period also provided for a great opportunity to mingle with other youth from our synod in the form of small groups. After worship, Trinity had a few hours to explore the city of New Orleans. A fair majority of the youth found restaurants that showcase the area’s unique flavors. After a delicious Cajun lunch, we headed to the convention center to practice peacemaking with other youth. David Hunstad’s Old Lutheran booth was a huge hit and the youth donated their extra change to a charity that makes water wells in Africa. After an exciting afternoon, we headed off towards the Superdome/Lutherdome. We managed to score some well placed floor seats for the 2 hour long mega worship. Great live music and very inspiring speakers dominated our powerful worship experience. After our Lutherdome worship, we had the option of heading to a plethora of nightlife activities that were located at a number of hotels. Youth went to multiple dances and intimate live concerts featuring our own BJORN HUNSTAD performing with the wonderful Rachel Kurtz! A wonderful way to end an amazing day. This blog was written in the comfort of our downtown hotel in small group, too late at night! 🙂 We sign off wishing the people reading this our love, and that we have safe 5 more days on this incredible adventure.

Sydni, Shontel, Matt, Larissa, Kole, Ben, Lauren, Noah, and Elizabeth!



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