Detroit Youth Gathering


Friends in Faith is going to Detroit this summer for the ELCA Youth Gathering! We are really excited to share this experience with all of our FiF.

We need your registration by this Sunday, October 12th! We will accept your registration after this date, but there is a better chance of you for sure getting registered before Sunday. We want all of our 9-12th graders to consider going on this trip. The ELCA Youth Gathering is a trip that will impact you as youth for the rest of your life. You will make new friendships and strengthen your current ones, you will get to know more adult leaders, you will get to worship in a mass worship setting, you will get to explore new places… the list can go on and on!

You will never regret going, but you can regret missed opportunities! We hope that you consider joining us on this trip. If you have any questions about Detroit, how to register, or financial questions please contact Kathy or Ashley.