Super Jack

Hello Everyone,

Many of you know that one of our Trinity Friends in Faith youth, Jack Evavold, has been in the hospital for almost 6 weeks. He was hospitalized in late October and has had surgeries since then on his brain. Jack has been in and out of intensive care. He is currently being treated with antibiotics to reduce the size of the abscesses on his brain and will be in the hospital for a while to come.

We are joining in the effort to support Jack through a fundraiser to help the family with some of the medical costs. “Lend a Hand” has offered to match any funds that are raised, up to $5,000. This would be such a great way to continue to support Jack and his family!

   T-Shirt:    Jumping Jacks for Super Jack Tee     Sticker:     Jumping Jacks for Super Jack - Sticker #1

Here is the link to purchase a t-shirt or stickers to help Jack and his family:

Please consider buying a shirt and/or a sticker to help support Jack. Prayers, smiles, and well wishes are always welcome as well!