WAR DECLARED ON BUS 2!!!!!!! (Rock, paper, scissors, that is….)

On the road again for most of the day.  We left Memphis via Graceland.  We didn’t stop but were able to drive by the gates of Elvis’ home.  Then it was off to Pensacola and the beach.  But…en route, bus games took a turn for the worst.  Rocks smashed scissors, paper cuts abounded, paper concealed rocks in what became an epic Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament on Bus 2.

Bus 1 went with normal bus game questions so there’s really not much more to say about that. But, Eric reports that quiet time on Bus 1 was particularly restful.  And…more getting to know one another with great conversation questions.

But, on Bus 2, Champions in many categories were crowned from Bus Champion to Biggest Loser to the Battle Royale of the Sexes.

For those those of you at home, the wounds were merely psychological and, we believe, short term.

As the day progressed, we finally made it to our hotel on the beach at Pensacola – all thanks to our able bus drivers Mark and Doug.  They rock!!!!!  We dropped our bags and some dashed for dinners of crab legs, shrimp or pineapple burgers while the rest of the group dashed for the surf.  Lots of boogie boarding, body surfing and all around splashing.  Some of us found out that the Gulf of Mexico tastes salty.  Who knew?

Laura and Eric’s Group – Ally, Lily, Grant, Gabe and Taylor.


Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament competitors Destiny, Ally, Elizabeth, Shontel and Drew.

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