Adventures of FIF and the C R E W (;

Hey pals, hows it hangin’ back home? We had a great day in Pensacola! The group started out in a state park for our service project. It was an awesome and very sweaty time painting an extremely long boardwalk a weird color. Some of us also cleared brush in the park. After that we had the rest of the day to enjoy the breathtaking ocean, and have some free time. Everyone had fun jumping and riding the waves. G-dog (Greyson) got to parasailing with his mother (G-dog’s Momma dog (Patty)). To round off the day we worshiped in large group, then went to the beach to end the night with reflection and lighting off lanterns to fly above the ocean. Tomorrow we are off to #Nawlins.

Signing off this is Young Kaspy(Joe Kasper), G-dog(Greyson Grinde), KRae(Kristin Drechsel), DestinAyyy(Destiny Brewer), and our group leader Shafnation(Brenda Shafer)

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