4 States in One Day! (:

Hi Y’all, Greetings from the Bayou. This is Patty and Mike’s group. Tom, Grete, Ben, Catie, and Kaleb. We hit the highway again today and stopped at a nice rest stop and had lunch. Then we had an hour and a half drive to get to New Orleans. We crossed lake Pontchartrain on the longest driveable bridge in the US. We were told Pastor Colin’s uncle provided the concrete for the bridge. While the youth watched a movie on the bus, some of the adults checked into the Hilton Riverside. We had a special dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and had a rockin’ good time. Afterwards we did a walking tour to Jackson Square, and on our walk we stopped at a set of stairs across form Jackson Square, took pictures and started singing camp songs for the passersby. We also got some applause and cheers from the bystanders. We stopped in front of Saint Louis Cathedral and Pastor Colin told us the history and that his cousin plays the organ there. We are back at the hotel now looking forward to a great night’s sleep. Don’t forget to look for us at the Superdome at 7 o’clock Wednesday night. We are also being streamed in the CLC at Trinity. Blessings from Patty, Mike, Tommy, Grete, Ben, Catie, and Kaleb.

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