Eat, Sleep, Worship!!!

Hello our wonderful families! Will Thom says hi mom and dad! As we begin our journey back home, we reflect on our time in Nawlins, that can be summarized in three words: awesome, inspirational and fantabulous! It is safe to say we have all thoroughly enjoyed our time here. This morning we went to Worship service in the dome, where we sat up in highest section possible. Holy Communion was quite a sight, with 33,000 people in one place. We could all feel united as one, as we looked down at everyone feeling the same as us. Being so high up ended up being a great thing, as then no one else could see  many of us bawling our eyes out with the idea of sending off 24 seniors in two days, along with Rachel going to South Africa and Laura to Jerusalem. At the end, the Detroit Choir came out and sang a gospel version of “Lose Yourself,” orginially done by Eminem. The announcement was made that the 2015 gathering is to be in Detroit, MI. We then began our long bus ride home. The hours were mainly filled with all of us sleeping in a coma, catching up on all the sleep we chose not to get in New Orleans. We celebrated John Deelstra’s 18th birthday today and we’ll celebrate Kathy’s birthday tomorrow! What more could you want than worship in the dome, a seven hour bus ride and a shake from Sonic! That’s a FiF birthday to remember! At the end of the day, in the Hampton Inn in Little Rock, Arkansas, we gathered one last time for evening large group. There, we sang our favorite songs and shared some great and memorable stories. We laughed together during the funny moments, and reflected during the God moments. We are all looking forward to tomorrow morning’s breakfast( there are Krispe Kreme donuts waiting for us!) and getting a great night of sleep! We will see you very soon:)

Lots of love, Dani, Sierra, Allison, Katelyn, Kate, Hayden, Josh, John, Skyler, Jana and Sara

ps: enjoy these fabulous photos!



Happy Birthday John!ImageLarissa ordering Sonic!Imagewaiting for our bus to come bring us home!



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