Day 2: We walked 26,270 steps today (over 11 miles)

Hello everyone!!!! On day 2 of our trip we woke up in Chicago ready for a day of adventure! We are continuing to transition to “what do we have to offer each other”. Our day was filled with strengthening our relationships, living in the moment, and sharing the energy to keep us all going!

We loaded our buses and headed to the Lincoln Park Zoo. We left our worries behind, enjoyed the animals and the company of our fellow FIFers 🙂 We took lots of pictures and snapchat stories! We hopped back on the buses to head to the Navy Pier. We divided into smaller groups to see the beautiful city of Chicago. First, we found a place to eat, from there we saw various sites such as The Bean, a Farris wheel, fountains, Michigan Ave, downtown Chicago, and the Trump tower! We made our way to the Shedd Aquarium by late afternoon and got VIP’d right to the main show. In the show they brought out an adopted dog that had been rejected by previous families and demonstrated the similarities in training the sea animals and the dog. They used only positive reinforcement. This reminded us of how important staying positive is. (We saw some whales, sharks, and lots of different fish too.) Shortly leaving Shedd, our buses ran into a tangle and got delayed in traffic. So we chillaxed on some green grass and rested our weary hoofers. Our supper was delayed but was SUPER AWESOME deep dish pizza!! With our tummies full, we came back to the hotel and jammed out with sweet gospel music. We are so darn tired so we’ll wrap it up with a quote from Leo Buscaglia: “Your relationships will be as vital and alive as you are”.

Peace out homies – Jana, Kaleb, Alie, Emily, and Riley