Treasuring Our Time Together

Today we continued our journey home. As we settled into the bus there was a clear sense of community that was not developed when we travelled through Wisconsin a little over a week ago. People were comfortably changing seats and interacting with anyone and everyone in this new expanded sense of family. We had the opportunity to more deeply reflect on all that we saw through out our time together, shared some sticker pranks and examined how utterly grateful we are to have had this experience.

We are staying at the Metropolis Resort which includes the Chaos Waterpark and Action City. We shared our last big group meal and enjoyed laughing and relaxing. We were able to spend the whole evening in fellowship together that included go carts, laser tag, mini golf, bumper cars, arcade games and waterslides.

As we spend our last minutes in small group, we are able to see how much our lives have been expanded by this experience. We have been fortunate to experience playing and self examination, service and laughter, faith and wonder. We are blessed beyond measure and are so ready to share all of these things with everyone at home.