Bittersweet Departure

Today we started out our last day at the National Youth Gathering in Detroit. We woke up, packed our bags, and loaded the busses. We then headed to Ford Field and participated with 30,000 other people in the closing worship. We listened to lots of amazing musicians including a gospel choir that will be competing in Americas got Talent. Listened to a inspirational sermon led by Bishop Eaton and also to a poet named Natasha T Miller who was a repeat performer who was just as great the second time. We had communion with 30,000 of our new friends and then sang a song with Rachel Kurtz. It was then announced that in 2018 the National Youth Gathering will take place in Houston, Texas. Next, after a closing prayer and group pictures, we then left Ford Field and had a picnic lunch provided by Old Lutheran. We then left and headed to Comerica Field for the Detroit Tigers game. It was a very hot day but the game was great. Next we loaded the busses again and headed to Portage, IN. After a fun filled, hot, and long day we are now ready for bed. Love, Tom and Larry’s small groups. Allison, Catie, Ethan, Jake, Emma, Tory, Hans, and Kayla.