Getting Outside our Comfort Zone

Today we got the opportunity to go to Cobo Center and go through the Proclaim Community area as well as attend morning worship for our Proclaim Story day. We had a great morning and one of our highlights was having Ben Cavalier get on stage to perform the rap section of Make a Difference in front of what we are guessing is bigger crowd than he’s used to.   But with the support of the rest of the Friends In Faith he did a great job. Later that day, several of the FIF group were invited to get on stage with Rachel Kurtz and perform same song and ultimately were joined by AGAPE who performed “Ben’s” part of the song.

Meeting new people has been a highlight for many of us although sometimes this forces us to step outside our comfort zone. So far we have met people from MANY different states including Pennsylvania, New York, Alaska, Montana and Connecticut,

Catie Kallander chose to take a BIG step outside her comfort zone by allowing a complete stranger to cut her hair in the Proclaim Community room but it was for a great cause. The hair will be donated to Children With Hair Loss where it will be made into hairpieces. These pieces will go to kids up to the age of 21.

Lily and others painted boards for the purpose of boarding up houses on our service day, Proclaim Justice, which is Saturday. This helps prevent vandalism to the abandoned and boarded up houses. The theme was love so they painted hearts as leaves on a tree with the word “love” on the trunk.

Some of our adult leaders had a conversation with one of the food vendors at dinner that had run out of food as he was under prepared. According to this gentleman, they have been told many times that big groups will be coming to town but it never materializes. So, he had not ordered enough food. He said he was sorry that he was out but that he would do better tomorrow. He was so impressed that the “Lutherans” came through and stayed true to their word.

Kathy’s and Tony’s Crews

Hannah B., lily C., Annie B., Tyra D., Noah M., Christian T., Abby O., Zach S., and guest contributor Catie K.